[On Entry #13] The Prokofiev is beautiful. Are you studying French and Latin? … Recommending your blog to my son. I think he will really enjoy it.

[On Entry #15] Love the Carnegie book quote!

[On 3 Day Quote Challenge: Day Three] Your first quote gives me a lot to ponder. We really need to live every day considering the implications of our thoughts, words, and actions. Love, liberty, and time are all so precious.

[On Liebster Award 2016] Iced Coffee is great. I love the Pachelbel Canon…. Here is another one you may enjoy: youtu.be/0H-YsX8Ltfc
This is my favorite movement of all the Beethoven symphonies. Loved reading your answers!


Cymbrie from Good, Beautiful, and True

Good, Beautiful, & True

[On 3 Day Quote Challenge: Day Three] I love the Assassin’s Creed games. They are so fascinating in terms of history and the way they are setup, and of course fun to play. I like the quotes you have chosen here, I never would have thought to find quotes from a video game myself! You got me thinking now about what quotes I like from games.

Serena Sinclair

Serena Sinclair

[On Entry #12] Thank you for venturing into blogging. Not only are you learning, you are teaching and that is exciting. I do love reading your posts, they are very… you. Thank you for being here.

[On 3 Day Quote Challenge: Day Two] You made a good judgement call by breaking the rules and adding that fourth quote…it is so very true. … I actually have been meaning to compliment you on your creative writing ability. It impresses me, because you are a ‘programmer’.

Renedith from Branching Out

Renedith from Branching Out

[On Entry #11] You have an amazing attitude! Thank you so much for joining in with this prompt and for sharing your random act of kindness. 🙂

[On Entry #12] I could listen to 3 hours of that music. 🙂 Great post.

[On Entry #14] The music certainly added to your beautifully written words.

[On Liebster Award 2016] Listening to your favorite song right now. Thank you…it’s a beautiful one.

Nikki from A Kinder Way

A Kinder Way

[On Entry #4] I do love this entry so much! It is very inspiring and eye opening. I will have to check out that book for sure!! Thank you for this post!

[On Entry #5] “I am not a success despite my failures. I am a success because of my failures.” This quote is so perfect! I have never thought of it like that. I am always so afraid of failing, and that holds me back in so many ways. Even with my writing. Now I will take a chance and embrace failure just as you do!

Lindsey from Crazysobergirl

Lindsey from CrazySoberGirl

[On Entry #6] Awww..this is just sweet! 🙂 I chose the perfect post for my last read today. Yey! 🙂

[On 3 Day Quote Challenge: Day Three] No, thank you. It’s always a pleasure reading your posts. I always take away something from them. 🙂

[On Entry #14] I played the song and it really made that dramatic effect! 🙂
Another amazing blog!

Nina from thehappylife101


[On Entry #12] First programming post I’ve seen, immediately caught my attention. Software developer myself. Very interesting post in regards to how you do things.

Chris from Two Tasty Tummies

Chris from Two Tasty Tummies

[On Entry #5] I loved this! I never thought of it like that, if a baby knew about failure they might very well have given up. I’m going to keep on crawling and trying to stand! Baby steps 😄

Lisa Lancaster

Lisa Lancaster| Writer

[On Entry #4] Wow! This gave me a better mindset about my dreams! Beautiful writings! God Bless! Thank you!

Sayl from SaylwithPens


[On Entry #12] I’ve got such a busy week, and so many emails to wade through. I had every intention of deleting yours and moving on without reading. But something stopped me, maybe a word I don’t remember; and before I knew it I was at the Last of the Mohicans. How do you do it, Mr. Programer? Your blogs are so damn interesting, thoughtful, entertaining, and even educational. You say you’ve never blogged before but are very good at it. You sure pull me off course everyday.

Jadeart4 from C Hintz Studio

Treehouse in watercolor