Entry #45 – Donut on an Ammo Crate

Date: Wednesday May 3rd, 2017
Time: 16:37:25
Location: Land of Plenty

Hello everyone! I haven’t blogged in so long it feels alien. My semester ended last weekend and I have a little time on my hands before my summer classes start up. I’ll spend it attempting humor. Let the story of the donut on a crate commence. ^.^

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to Camp Dawson. Below are snippets of dialogue from the trip I found exceptionally funny.

That’s the end of the donut scene but there’s more!

And to finish up, some aesthetic images of a bullet on a wooden table.

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Au Revoir,

P.S. Actually, one more thing. I recently started a new blog with the sole purpose of teaching programming step-by-step so that anyone can follow along. Check it out if you’re interested!
The Coffeeless Programmer

Down Under – Men at Work


Entry #44 – Close Your Eyes

Date: Tuesday February 14th, 2017
Time: 14:13:29
Location: Sennott Square

It’s been quite a while! My Scaphoid1 fracture has fully healed. No parkour yet though… I’m taking 18 credits again and I’d really like to ensure I have two functioning hands this time around. XD

Cooking 101

I’m keeping myself entertained through other means. I actually cooked a whole dinner… TWICE. Of course, I did have trusted advisors to help me through the process, namely my mom. What did I cook? Great question. I don’t remember whether or not I blogged about the cookbook I got last summer, but in it I found one of my favorite dishes, butter chicken. Results shown below.

Side Note: It came out better the second time but I didn’t do anything different. Being a logical thinker, I’ve always found the phrase “made with love” to be suspect, especially in a food context. So if the ingredients are prepped the same way and I follow the exact process used previously but forget the love, will it taste different? From experience, this might be the case. Maybe love provides the chef a heightened focus, a subconscious, unnoticeable yet greater attention to detail. Anyway, I get it now. The love matters, in cooking and in any creative process.2

My roommate taught me to make guacamole.   ^.^

Karaoke Favorites

I’ve also taken up karaoke on Smule’s Sing! Below is my playlist of all the songs I hope to do justice sooner or later. 3

If you use Smule, leave a comment and let’s sing!

Spring Class Schedule

No music this time… or any artsy class ;(

Spring 2017 Schedule
Spring 2017 Schedule
  • Bioinformatics Software Design
  • Database Management Systems
  • Intro to Data Science
  • Web Applications
  • Software Engineering
  • Human Resources Management

The load is heavy with this one…

And I’m out of words! Hope you’re all doing well!

Au revoir,

P.S. Song pick in honor of Valentine’s Day and one of my favorites. I gave it a shot too!

Dedicated to my sisters, R and Ali, a love lost, and to all who feel alone because you never are. Someone’s out there singing for you… even if it’s me. Close your eyes and enjoy! 😛 Happy Valentine’s Day!!! XD

Hey There Delilah (Sing! Cover by Oliver & Pulkit)

Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s

  1. Congrats to jadeart4 for figuring it out!!! 
  2. Renedith from Branching Out wrote a very relevant post a while back which I can’t seem to find. It was about an experiment with two jars of rice or two plants or something placed in the exact same conditions. Each day for a month, a person would send one positive thoughts and the other negative for a few minutes. At the end of the experiment, the one receiving negative thoughts had withered/died and the other was thriving. Great illustration of the power of our mind. If anyone knows the experiment details, please drop a comment! 
  3. Karaoke Favorites Playlist 

Status #13 – Generous



I am EXHAUSTED. So much has happened and continues to happen that I don’t even have time to write it all.


…I’M AWAKE!!! For starters, since my last post I fractured a bone in my right hand so I can’t use it till it’s healed (arm currently in a cast and sling). I’m going through 18 credits with my left hand (non-dominant). I’ve already taken two exams with it…including organic chemistry II… My elbow was pretty roughed up too but luckily no fractures there, and it’s nearly healed.

Below is one of the x-rays of my hand. I’ll show you something cool!

Anatomy Trivia: Find the fracture and identify the bone it’s located on.

Find the fracture!

Answer to come in a post very soon. On that note, I have been very inconsistent about blogging since school started. I’m going to take the advice of some of my followers and write shorter posts more frequently. Less entries, more statuses.


I JUST took a fun little personality quiz from BayArt to determine the first trait people see in me. Not at all surprised by the result. 

I’m not in a great position to post the link, but should be very easy to find on Google if you’re interested. And do share your result in the comments, I’d love to know!

Off to class!!!

Entry #43 – The End

Ice Cave Environment

Date: Tuesday September 20th, 2016
Time: 16:32:01
Location: Hillman Library

And I’m back! Had drill this past weekend Friday-Sunday, including a physical fitness assessment (APFT) Saturday morning. I maxed the push-ups, passed sit-ups, and failed the run. Results in table below! Have I ever mentioned I don’t run? 20 minutes is a preposterous time for 2 miles haha. I did, however, greatly improve my time from the previous attempt. I also got the new army combat uniform (ACU) which is much greener than the previous. ^.^ It looks fantastic!

Month Push-ups Sit Ups 2-Mile Run
March 2016 45 55 20:28
Sept 2016 76 58 17:56

Side Note: Push-ups and sit ups are each 2 minute events. You get two minutes to do as many good form push-ups/sit ups as you can manage.

Fitness Data

Since we’re on the topic of fitness, below are a few data points from the Omron Body Composition Monitor, a weight scale I bought last Spring which gives a ton of interesting information about your body. Haven’t used it for about a month, but I clearly need to stay on top of it because my body aged a year. T.T #forever18

Fitness Data
Day (2016) Weight (lbs) BMI Fat % Muscle % RM (kcal) Body Age Visceral Fat
Mar 12  140.0  21.1  18.8  41.3  1556  20  4
Mar 20  133.0  20.1  14.3  43.2  1517  18  2
Apr 28  135.0  20.4  16.2  41.8  1521  18  3
Sep 16  144.6  21.3  15.4  43.1  1602  19  4

The End

It’s over! My adventures with C are will be no more. The ending was rather surprising. It left me clueless. I’ll include her post from that day below. She chose to end the friendship in less than a minute, with words that I gave up trying to figure out the meaning of, “I don’t like how you love people,” among others. In any case, I’m proud of her for saying so in person.


Utter confusion. I don’t know how I could ever hurt anyone this much, let alone her. All I know is that she doesn’t remember me and that’s fine. I’d much rather find out now than later. What I’m more concerned about is loving someone “like” family. What does that mean exactly? The way I see it, someone is either family or they’re not. And family is forever. You don’t give up on them. It doesn’t matter what happens, you don’t give up. Clearly, I was never family.

So that’s why I’m careful with the way I phrase things. I don’t say my friends are “like” sisters and brothers. After a certain point, my friends are my brothers and sisters. Entry #6 which I wrote back in June is a case in point. But I know everyone isn’t this way. In fact, a lot of people seem to give up on “family” rather easily. Ah well, I will not. I have no idea what goes on in her mind anymore so I won’t be bothering her, but I love her nonetheless. If not having me in her life makes her happy, I will gladly oblige. 😀

Je t’aime, mon ange. Vous allez me manquer.

Au Revoir,

P.S. I have been quite productive since the semester started. Even finished the next month of homework for one of my business classes. Honestly though, my working out has been very irregular. I’m healthy but not fit. I was actually expecting to do around 70 sit ups on my fitness test -_- … close enough!!!

The question stands. How do I love people? Is it something I need to fix? Time to figure it out. Maybe my writings thus far contain enough clues to piece it together.

Beautiful Goodbye – Maroon 5

Picture credit: Blueroguevyse on DeviantArt

Entry #42 – Fall Semester Schedule 2016

Fall Semester 2016 Schedule

Date: Saturday September 10th, 2016
Time: 17:30:36

Hello world!

For starters, I’ve gotten 1 hour of sleep in the past ~36 hours. I’m functioning much better than usual compared to previous occurrences of said incident. I feel FANTASTIC, but I should sleep after I finish writing this anyway. Why such little sleep you ask? It’s partly my own fault haha. I had an overnight shift at the hospital Friday night to Saturday morning after which I wasn’t the slightest bit tired. I took a shower and went pillow shopping. Yes you read that right. My mattress came in Friday evening so I had to finish the look. My apartment is finally complete and feels like home! ^.^ So I’ve been awake 8am Friday – 10pm Saturday. To be fair, I did take an hour long nap at Ali’s before work. Helped A LOT. Still not really tired but I should sleep anyway… for the sake of it.

Second order of business, I forgot to write about my birthday which recently passed. Again being completely honest, my birthday is a cool day but it isn’t very important to me. I literally didn’t remember until I started getting birthday wishes. I was too tired the previous day so didn’t even stay up till midnight. I treat every day like people treat their birthday. I don’t wait a specific day to buy myself presents. I work for it, and proceed to get what I want. What was I doing on my birthday? Assembling furniture in my apartment. 😉 I love assembling things. Reminds me of the days I had time to play with legos. I really, really love legos.

Fun Fact: Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech on August 28th! Why stop there? He came up with that slogan 10 minutes before he was due to speak. Talk about improvisation.

Challenge: I challenge every single one of you to find something awesome that happened on your birthday. Please do share in the comments!

And finally for the title of this post, my fall semester schedule. Here it is, all 18 credits! This is, of course, just my classes.

Fall Semester 2016 Schedule
My Fall Semester Schedule – 6 classes/18 credits
  • Computational Biology
  • Organic Chemistry II
  • Algorithm Implementation
  • Basic Musicianship: Piano
  • Strategic Management
  • Operations Management

Thanks for reading!

Au revoir,

P.S. I’ve come to realize that I can do a lot at once, but I can’t learn everything at once. Oh well, baby steps. The song below just happens to be on my Pandora station right now. No hidden meaning. 😛

No Love (EXPLICIT) – Eminem

Entry #41 – Suicide Prevention Week

Date: Wednesday September 7th, 2016
Time: 22:43:17

Let’s do something new shall we? Some of you may know September 5th marked the start of Suicide Prevention Week. Since one of the goals of my blog is to help as many as I can, it’s a topic I should address. Furthermore, I’ve decided to open my doors to guest writers/bloggers.

To mark the occasion, I invited one of my best friends, Brittney, to share a fantastic personal essay on the matter. A little about her. We met online over five years ago playing a strategy game, similar to Risk, which we always dominated together. We’ve never met in person, yet it doesn’t really feel that way. There exists a level trust between us that most people say it’s impossible to develop online. We talk like family. She’s basically a sister I’ve never met. Even sent me pics of her prom dress before prom, which you know might be normal if I was a girl or at least knew her IRL. XD But you know by now, nothing is impossible1. Let’s hear what she has to say!

Simple Line Divider

Hello everyone! My name is Brittney Vance. Currently, I’m studying English writing and multimedia journalism at Concordia College. Last semester, I took a creative writing class where we were required to write a personal essay. Even though this was a requirement for the class, it is deeply personal and I spent a lot of time reflecting on the events, even three years after they occurred. Pulkit gave me this wonderful opportunity to share my essay on his blog.

If you weren’t aware, Monday marked the start of national suicide prevention week. The essay is about a friend who committed suicide, so please don’t continue reading it if you get uncomfortable. There is no gore or specific details, only description of what my friend was like, and the thoughts and conclusions I came to while contemplating the events. It is about five pages, so I’ll leave you now to read it if you would like. I hope I help at least one person with my essay. Feel free to leave a comment if you want!

Pieces of Crystal by Brittney Vance

Simple Line Divider

I will make sure your comments reach her. If it’s something personal, use my contact page and I’d be happy to forward it to her!

I’ll also take a second to mention Cynthia from C Hintz Studio, a phenomenal artist who supports the cause of fighting military-related suicides. Be sure to check out her work!

Why I Blog – C Hintz Studio

Au revoir,

P.S. I expect to write more regularly around the beginning of October, once I’ve had time to settle into my current busy as **** lifestyle. Expect scattered posts till then. C’s letters to be posted shortly.

Numb – Linkin Park

  1. I will say it probably helped that she’s my sister’s age, hence very easy to talk to and relate with. 

Status #12 – Demons

I’ll start by apologizing for my week long unannounced hiatus. Knew I’d be busy but wasn’t expecting how tired I’d be. A lot has happened.

I spent this Labor Day relaxing and hanging out with my friends. Back to the routine of eating with Ali when I can.

My classes started Monday the 29th. I’m taking 18 credits so my schedule is packed, especially with the other things I do.

I finally finished unpacking and setting up my “room” for the most part. Why is room in quotes you ask?  Well I decided to live in the apartment’s living room like I do at home, except I moved all my furniture there too! I think it looks fantastic and I’ll be putting up pictures soon. The only thing missing is the mattress, scheduled to be delivered  late in the month. I sleep on the floor anyway will continue to do so after it arrives. The bed is the centerpiece of my living space so I wanted to make sure it looks awesome! And because I won’t be sleeping on it, I’ll never have to make my bed. Genius.

I have overnight shifts at the hospital every Friday this month so that should be interesting. This past Sunday I attended a business meeting at my mentor’s house in Philadelphia. Drove 7 hours that day. 😎

I have been working out regularly and keeping up with French every single day except for Sunday. My muscles and accent are progressing well. 😉

Why did I name this post Demons? Well if you’ve stopped by my fun facts page, you know that I really love boxes. So much in fact, that I dedicated an entire closet to them (3 closets total). Yes these are all mine, not my roommates. He got rid of his hehe. My boxes are the demons I keep in my closet. 😀

What are your demons? Pillows? Chairs? Something deeper? Hahahaha… I’d love to know 😛

P.S. I delivered C’s third & final letter. She’s been advised to save it for a rainy day.


Entry #40 – Wonderful C & Wounded Me

Date: Thursday August 25th, 2016
Time: 22:34:49

This afternoon I went to go see War Dogs with MV, one of my best friends. The movie was interesting but I developed an intense dislike for one of the main characters, Efraim. No spoilers here. Verdict: worth a watch but not in theaters.

Cryptic Messages

This will likely be one of my last few posts about C. As the start of the semester draws near, my time grows short. I intended to write much more of the time I loved spending with her but it’s probably best if I stop here. My last two entries dedicated to C will be regarding the second and third letters, the former of which I had already sent. The third one will be delivered by slightly less conventional means. At this point, I will say that I love her but I’ve lost hope. My goal with my last two letters is simply to let her know how wonderful she is. That is how I choose to move on.

Below is an excerpt from a post she wrote in late May. Read it if it pleases you! 😀

Simple Line Divider

Cryptic Messages

I thought I had it figured out at the end of my freshman year of college. I was sure of my intended major, my place in the clubs I was involved in, what I was going to do with the rest of my life, and my friend group. I didn’t realize that things can change in an instant, or even over the course of 3 months. Through all of it though, I had one friend who stuck with me through it all. I mean everything from me hitting rock bottom to the highest of highs. He was the first person I went to when someone hurt me, the one I went to for laughs, for advice, for everything.

Sophomore year came and things started to change slowly. I didn’t make time for him as I got closer to others and made time for other things in my life. I completely neglected him and wrote it off that we weren’t very compatible. We fought like a married couple. I let others get in my head on him and I’s friendship. We would have these talks where he would be honest about feeling left out and I promised to be a better friend but even I didn’t 100% believe what I was saying.

He gave me a wake up call by sending me a text that basically explained that he was done. I think that’s what really woke me up. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I was complete jerk to him and I became the flaky friend who I despised. I took someone who was my best friend and I loved infinitely for granted. I broke his heart. And all he’s ever done is ask to spend time with me. I know this is a blog post. I know I shouldn’t put all of this out there. But I just…I don’t know.

Simple Line Divider

I don’t want to fight like a married couple. I have absolutely nothing to fight with her about. I truly wish things could be the same, that we could still be best friends like we were before the summer… but it seems to me that our communication is forced. I’m always the one checking to see how things are, the one messaging her first and it’s clear that I don’t need to be. She’s busy and has plenty of people in her life capable of doing the same so I’ll leave them to it. Whatever happens to our friendship now, I leave it to her. I’ve done my part. Just glad that she’s happy and doing well! ^.^


As I read this over, I know this entry feels rather down but I’m quite happy right now! In a few days, I get to see all my friends at Pitt again including Ali, MC, and a ton of others I haven’t seen since April. I’m really looking forward to it. Can’t wait to move into my apartment in Shadyshide either! I’ve wanted to live their since sophomore year but haven’t moved off campus till now. Pictures to come.

Now that I have an iPad again, I’m taking to learning French seriously again. Definitely getting better and my vocabulary is increasing. I’ll be starting the mini-lessons I had earlier in my blog but solely for French this time, not Latin. I’ll have to save that for when I have more time but I will learn Latin mark my words.

Ended up getting a new laptop because my old one couldn’t be repaired soon enough. Now I can blog regularly again! 😎

Doing well with my workouts as well. Now I’m not just really healthy, I’m fit as well. Feels nice. ^.^

Finally, we stopped by Panda Express and Chipotle after the movie and I got a free bowl thanks to the Chiptopia summer rewards!

To awkward endings,

P.S. The past few days I’ve been watching random childhood movies with my sister including the Little Mermaid and Agent Cody Banks. Love them both. Just painted her fingernails. What have I become rofl. Unrelated, I’m considering a change in my tagline.

Below is another of my favorite songs from high school. The lyrics are perfect; even learned the entire first verse. I have to really love a song to remember its lyrics haha.

We Are Young

My seat’s been taken by some sunglasses asking ’bout a scar, and
I know I gave it to you months ago
I know you’re trying to forget
But between the drinks and subtle things
The holes in my apologies, you know
I’m trying hard to take it back

So if by the time the bar closes
And you feel like falling down
I’ll carry you home

And I really tried everything I could think of. I did my best and I have no regrets. 🙂

Status #11 – International Relatives

Yesterday a few relatives including some I’d never met before stopped by our house and had dinner with us. There was a family of 4 visiting from England and an uncle from Dubai. They are all pretty awesome. Have I ever mentioned I love British accents? It was fun just listening to them talk haha.

The family is from Leicester about 2 hours north of London. Since I love Robin Hood so much, I instantly recognized Nottingham located above . I looked up Sherwood Forest as well, about an hour drive north. Learned a bit of geography thanks to them! 😀

My uncle also brought us some amazing chocolate he acquired in Dubai. Never seen the brand (Patchi) but I loved the taste.

At the conclusion of the evening, we dropped my uncle off at the PATH [train] station and I stopped to enjoy the beautiful night.


I’ve been working out quite a bit, a little cardio but mostly strength. My cardio is the few hours of tennis or soccer I play everyday with Ahmed, my best friend I previously referred to as A. We play approximately 2-3 hours and workout afterwards. I usually workout by myself in the morning on top of that but I’m skipping today. Just too much.

Sunday evening I actually got a compliment on my new muscular arms. My efforts are paying off and it feels good hehe.

Side Note: Those who’ve read Entry #9 know I love to make life hard for myself. Below is the only way I play tennis.

Lateral resistors I wear while playing tennis!

iPad Mini 4

My iPad Mini 4 got here Monday morning. The engraving looks perfect! ^.^

I’m using it to write this post, but hopefully my laptop should be fixed today.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

One of my favorite children book series is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Found something hilarious in it the other day that aptly describes my blog.

In fact, I’ve already referenced it a few times in conversation. I can hardly remember  everything about me off the top of my head so this blog is my lifeline. For example, Entry #21 is perfect when someone asks me what I like to watch. #7 covers a lot of my hobbies. #24 even covers the meaning of my name, but that’s not terribly hard to remember haha.


I’ll be writing my next post for C when I get my laptop back. In the meantime, if you’d like to catch up on the story read entries number 20, 26, 32, 36, & 38. Status #3 is a short bonus!