Hey, I’m Pulkit! I’m a scholar at the University of Pittsburgh and…

Unfortunately, I don’t quite know how to describe myself yet. I was never one for a great deal of introspection. About half a year ago, I made a pretty drastic change in my life as some people who knew me before and after might be able to tell you. The change completely changed my behavior, but I can’t say it changed my personality. It only brought out who I was. This website is a way for me to explore and grow myself. The reason I’m making this public is because I want you to learn from my experiences. If I had to sum myself up in a single sentence? I am impossible, yet I exist.

What are my objectives?

  1. Share my life with the world and discover myself in the process.
  2. Inspire you to be your ideal self, the person you only wish you could be. Why? Because you can, and I believe in you one hundred percent.

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