Entry #44 – Close Your Eyes

Date: Tuesday February 14th, 2017
Time: 14:13:29
Location: Sennott Square

It’s been quite a while! My Scaphoid1 fracture has fully healed. No parkour yet though… I’m taking 18 credits again and I’d really like to ensure I have two functioning hands this time around. XD

Cooking 101

I’m keeping myself entertained through other means. I actually cooked a whole dinner… TWICE. Of course, I did have trusted advisors to help me through the process, namely my mom. What did I cook? Great question. I don’t remember whether or not I blogged about the cookbook I got last summer, but in it I found one of my favorite dishes, butter chicken. Results shown below.

Side Note: It came out better the second time but I didn’t do anything different. Being a logical thinker, I’ve always found the phrase “made with love” to be suspect, especially in a food context. So if the ingredients are prepped the same way and I follow the exact process used previously but forget the love, will it taste different? From experience, this might be the case. Maybe love provides the chef a heightened focus, a subconscious, unnoticeable yet greater attention to detail. Anyway, I get it now. The love matters, in cooking and in any creative process.2

My roommate taught me to make guacamole.   ^.^

Karaoke Favorites

I’ve also taken up karaoke on Smule’s Sing! Below is my playlist of all the songs I hope to do justice sooner or later. 3

If you use Smule, leave a comment and let’s sing!

Spring Class Schedule

No music this time… or any artsy class ;(

Spring 2017 Schedule
Spring 2017 Schedule
  • Bioinformatics Software Design
  • Database Management Systems
  • Intro to Data Science
  • Web Applications
  • Software Engineering
  • Human Resources Management

The load is heavy with this one…

And I’m out of words! Hope you’re all doing well!

Au revoir,

P.S. Song pick in honor of Valentine’s Day and one of my favorites. I gave it a shot too!

Dedicated to my sisters, R and Ali, a love lost, and to all who feel alone because you never are. Someone’s out there singing for you… even if it’s me. Close your eyes and enjoy! 😛 Happy Valentine’s Day!!! XD

Hey There Delilah (Sing! Cover by Oliver & Pulkit)

Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s

  1. Congrats to jadeart4 for figuring it out!!! 
  2. Renedith from Branching Out wrote a very relevant post a while back which I can’t seem to find. It was about an experiment with two jars of rice or two plants or something placed in the exact same conditions. Each day for a month, a person would send one positive thoughts and the other negative for a few minutes. At the end of the experiment, the one receiving negative thoughts had withered/died and the other was thriving. Great illustration of the power of our mind. If anyone knows the experiment details, please drop a comment! 
  3. Karaoke Favorites Playlist 

4 thoughts on “Entry #44 – Close Your Eyes

  1. Hello there! You certainly have been busy and advancing quite well in your culinary skills.

    It was Dr. Emotto’s Rice Experiment.
    Use cooked rice. It is the ‘water’ which holds the ‘memory’ of the feeling you send forth.
    I believe I deleted the post. ):
    Great reading from you again, ren

    Liked by 1 person

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